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Product Management has substantially changed over the past years. Alfred Ressenig, founder of RealSkills, experienced both, the traditional scope which was mainly about administrating features of products and services and the modern scope of Product Management which comprises strategic and operational leadership (blog). Product Management today decides if a venture tops out or fails.

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Product Management inhouse training

As a midsized or even larger enterprise you gain particular benefits through the inhouse training courses of RealSkills because they are tailored at your individual needs and business environment. Thus, you achieve excellent results within a short time. More expertise in less time enables you to gain a competitive edge in the market and strive for a more prosperous future.

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RealSkills offers to you a broad range of inhouse training courses from getting started to specific expert topics of Product Management:

  • Modern Product Management - foundation (details)
  • Modern Requirements Management (details)
  • Modern strategic Product Management (details)
  • Product strategy - learning by doing (details)
  • Modern Life Cycle Management (details)

Product Management consulting

Consulting stands for solving problems. Whatever your Product Management problem is, a solution is not far away and in tight cooperation between you and RealSkills we will find the solution for you.

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Did you know … the origins of Product Management go back to 31st May 1931. Neil H. McElroy wrote a memo to the management of his company Procter & Gamble for introducing "brand men" which should take full responsibility for a product. The proposal was accepted and turned out to be successful.