Product Management inhouse training

You wish to get an individual Product Management training just for your team? The extensive professional experience of Alfred, founder of RealSkills, enables a broad scope and high flexibility for designing a bespoke training course. Participants of a course obtain a sophisticated skillset which is essential for modern Product Management in a compact and field proven way.

Your benefits from RealSkills' inhouse training are:

  • Tailored design and format at your individual needs and your business environment
  • We can address your internal items without external "listeners"
  • A common understanding is achieved about roles, terms, tasks and solutions
  • Team building is promoted
  • A joint foundation is established for the cooperation of staff members from different areas
  • You save travel time
  • You save costs already with few participants

Selection of inhouse training courses

RealSkills offers to you a broad range of inhouse training courses from getting started to specific expert topics of Product Management:

  • Modern Product Management - foundation, 1 or 2 days (details)
  • Modern Requirements Management, 1 or 2 days (details)
  • Modern strategic Product Management, 1 or 2 days (details)
  • Product strategy - learning by doing, 2 days (details)
  • Modern Life Cycle Management, 1 day (details)

Please tell me your wishes. I'll get back to you with a conceptual proposal soon.

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