Mission of RealSkills

Alfred Ressenig founded RealSkills on 1st July 2015 with the following mission:

Qualify Product Managers and make them fit for the
challenges of our modern, globalized business world such that
they are able to act in the interest of the enterprise and
in the interest of the customers.

True, this objective is ambitious because the tasks and the challenges for Product Managers are exceptionally demanding and multifaceted. Reading books, searching for articles in the Internet and attending webinars are inadequate ways for even getting close to achieving the mission. It requires a particular property and this property is industry experience. Alfred has plenty of it.

Alfred spent 18 years as Product Manager in globally operating multinational enterprises. He was Product Manager with body and soul. He learned the profession from scratch by listening to customers, by following advices from colleagues and by try and error. He experienced the change in the importance of Product Management, had great successes as part of a superbly cooperating team but also failed which compensated with precious lessons learned.

Over the 18 years Alfred switched gradually from receiving advices to giving advices which, eventually, triggered his second professional passion - to become a trainer and consultant for passing on his expert knowledge of the subject area to Product Managers of today and the future.