Alfred Ressenig

Founder of RealSkills

You want to know more about me? Why not - Alfred Ressenig in 100 seconds:

  • 100 take a deep breath
  • 99 here we go
  • 1958 born in Salzburg
    • grown up in Hallein, Austria
    • peaceful market town, worth a visit
    • studied Computer Science in Linz, Austria
    • enjoyed it
  • 1985 first job at Voest Alpine in Linz
    • developed software
  • 1988 went abroad
    • arrived in Munich
    • joined Siemens AG
    • Research & Development
  • 1992 to Brussels, Belgium
    • finally international
    • Consensus Management within an EU research programme
  • 1995 back to Munich
    • as Product Manager
    • IT and Telecommunication's industry
  • 2003 promoted to Senior Product Manager
  • 2007 transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks
    • upgrade of Product Management
    • great time
    • stunning successes
    • abrupt ending #1
  • 2012 employment at conject AG, Munich
    • as head of Product Management
    • abrupt ending #2
  • seeking new professional objectives
  • 2015 lecturship at University for Applied Sciences, Munich
    • course "Technical Product Management"
  • 2015 founded RealSkills
    • real pleasure
    • no abrupt ending in the foreseeable future
  • 1 gently breathe out
  • 0 done

Are you a friend of more comprehensive stories? Here you are - when I was a kid we used to visit our relatives in the south of Austria every year in summer. There was my grandma, another grandma, aunt Helga, another aunt, one more aunt, uncle Joe … I'd better stop here.

What else could be of interest to you? I'm passionate about spending weekends and vacations in the mountains. Preferably together with my fantastic wife. She accompanies me through thick and thin and hardly ever complains even in the most uncomfortable situations.

Remote places have a distinctive kind of fascination for us. Therefore, we spent quite a number of longer vacations hiking through the Himalayas as well as through the South American Andes. Also our local mountains are perfect places for recovering and maintaining in good physical shape and mental spirit.

Last but not least: I'm fond of delicious dining being it at home or in a fine restaurant, together with my dear wife or another good company. We live in Munich with plenty of decent places including this splendid institution of traditional beer gardens which often are a tempting option in summer time. You sit at a wooden table in the shadow of an old tree, in front of you a foaming beer, a crispy prezel, fresh radish, home-grown tomatoes, tasty cheese, famous German sausages ... it's probably time to stop here again and return to our work duties.