Inhouse training: product strategy – learning by doing

Training and workshop

A convincing product strategy has a long list of benefits: It serves as a guideline for product development, feature prioritization and marketing, it backs Management decisions, it is a main contributor to a product's "image" and last but not least it creates customer excitement and loyalty.

More about the product strategy is available in this blog.


1 or 2 days


Practicing Product Manager, Head of Product Management, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Marketer

Learning objectives

You become an advocate for strategic thinking and acting.

You apply the most powerful way for addressing a new topic - learning by doing.

You establish the skillset which is essential for getting promoted to a senior Product Manager.

You deliver a more substantial and valuable contribution to the success of your company.

Training contents

The first part of the training course is devoted to insights into the strategic topics of Product Management i.e. market management, price management, product strategy, business plan and Life Cycle Management.

The second part of the training course is the workshop with you as main actor. Under careful guidance of your trainer you create step by step a product strategy for a product or a service of your choice. You present your results to the class and get precious feedback.

You will be delighted about the numerous tips, tricks and best practice recommentations which will ease your daily work.