Inhouse training: modern Product Management – foundation

Comprehensive understanding of modern Product Management


1 or 2 days


New and already practicing Product Manager, Head of Product Management, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Project Manager

Learning objectives

Understand modern Product Management and why it has such a vital role for an enterprise.

Be ready for tackling new Product Management tasks.

Improve your Product Management performance.

Be aware of the human factor dimension and related best practices.

Training contents

The first part of the Foundation training course looks at the business environment of Product Managers. We highlight the importance of entrepreneurial thinking in combination with customer orientation, talk about products, services and product development, dive into the product life cycle and draw up skill profiles.

The second part of the training course familiarizes you with major technical and strategic Product Management topics such as

- Requirements Management
- Product planning

- Market management and competitor analysis
- Product strategy and business plan management
Life Cycle Management

You learn dedicated challenges, processes, methods and tools. You consolidate your knowledge with case studies and several practical exercises.